Tuesday 8 May 2012

Brogues on a Brompton.

They say that every gentleman should have a pair of brogues in their wardrobe. I of course have several pairs.

I favour the full country brogue that has a Goodyear welted sole in full leather and at least half an inch thick. (Brogues that have those thin, almost effeminate soles are a waste of time as far as I'm concerned. In addition while I'm have a rant, brogues should really be in various shades of brown and not black). The pair of brogues seen in the picture are actually a boot version.

I would have loved to wear them for the Tweed Run but I left them at work. I will explain. Having large feet (11ish) combined with a leather sole means that riding a Brompton in heavy London traffic can be scary stuff - leather soles don't provide the best grip. I therefore cycle to work in trainers and change into my shoes at work.

My office resembles Imelda Marcos wardrobe as I have lots of shoes ready to change in to.

Today however I decided to go home fully brogued up and didn't suffer too badly. The tweed jacket I wore to match the brogues was my own little homage to the Tweed Run yesterday. Normal service will of course resume tomorrow.

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  1. Agree with the thick sole requirement but as the brogue like shoes I have are for "good" I tend not to wear them when cycling as they are my footwear of choice when kilted.


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