Wednesday 16 May 2012

BWC 2012 Outfit - Footwear.

The advice I have been getting from lots of ultra sporty types for the Brompton World Championship is getting ridiculous.

A brief conversation with another Brompton rider colleague - who has Kojak's on his single speed titanium S-type all year round - about footwear brought a detailed and sustained condemnation of the trainers I was going to wear.

I was going to wear a pair of New Balance jogging trainers as they are incredibly lightweight. My colleague pointed out the fact that they are constructed with a fabric mesh material means that they are in no way aerodynamic. The mesh would actually create drag he went on to describe. he favoured leather.

My reply, a rhetorical question of whether it would really make much of a difference was greeted with a cocked head to one side and raised eyebrows.

I will not go into what he suggested I do with the pedals as it may upset Brompton purists who like to keep things original.

What do you think? If you are attending the BWC this year, what outfit (and footwear) are you using?

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  1. Boy this is getting pretty serious now. I dont think I will be wearing anything special other than normal trainers. I'm not expecting to break any world records or anything just going to soak up the Brompton atmosphere, have a damn good time & make new riding buddies


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