Tuesday 14 July 2015

Brilliant Brompton Cover with Saddle Bag

On the recent Dunwich Dynamo carrying water for an unsupported ride of over 115 miles was vital. I thought long and hard about what I would do thankfully remembered that I had one of Brompton Bicycles best products - the Brompton cover with saddle bag.

There are two parts to this product and both are brilliant. The bag acts as a saddle bag and stores the cover inside. It is made of a very strong material and everything deserves the moniker, heavy duty as far as I can see.

The saddle bag empty

Assuming you attach this to the rear of your saddle there is the bright and reflective Brompton logo so that at night you are that bit more visible.

Bright, reflective logo

The straps that secure the bag to your saddle are strong and allow a secure fitting. In addition to this there is also another strap for the seat post that makes the bag fit even better.

For the Dynamo I opted to take the cover out and leave it in my mini O bag and carry 2 x 750ml water bottles. I was able to still carry this over my Carradice Zipped Roll saddle bag as you can see in the picture of my bicycle on the beach.

It worked flawlessly and I am was really pleased that I thought of it. I had not used it in this way before but will do so in future. In fact I can see myself carrying one of my Goby tripods in this bag when out on a photography ride, probably with my Partner in crime.

The bag is not 100% waterproof and has a small hole at the base of the bag to allow water to escape.

The cover is rather clever and I used this when my beloved Brompton was placed in the boot of the coach to give a little more protection against possible knocks.

The cover is exactly that and isn't a bag the bike sits in. The cover goes on top and you can drawcord at the base to provide a tighter fit.

Two zips allow you to leave the saddle or part of the frame open, allowing you something to grip hold of when carrying.

This bag can be used on Eurostar, other forms of public transport or where storing your bike indoors might otherwise not be allowed. For this purpose it is an excellent choice.

The bag with cover weighs in at approximately 300g and costs around the £25 mark. It is really good value for money and incredibly useful.

Bag with cover inside

Now that I have rediscovered it I am pretty certain it will be getting  great deal more use.


  1. Mr. O,
    Congrats on the big ride!
    I like this product too and I bought it when I bought the bike.
    Sometimes, I have to go to work related meetings which are held at snooty places, which is when I use this product the most - cover-up the bike from prying eyes. But I do see you have found some really nice other uses, such as carrying extra water in this bag - great idea!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  2. Hi,
    Yes this is a very useful and convenient bag.
    Coupled with the Mini O, I had use them for 2-3days overnight trips.
    More convenient and aerodynamic than using the larger bags.

  3. I think my knees would give in trying to maintain the cadence on low Brmopton gearing for 110 miles, you must have iron legs!


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