Tuesday 24 December 2013

Updated Brompton Tyre Levers

On the Solstice ride on Saturday night / Sunday morning Mick presented me with a pair of the new updated Brompton tyre levers which he had got form the shop I originally bought the Brompton Toolkit from. I have to say that I was more than a little pleased at receiving them.

They were changed from the original levers as there were several reports of these snapping when used to try and take a tyre off. Brompton to their credit offered an exchange for anyone with the old tyre levers.

The old levers looked good but these updated ones do outshine them. They are a little heavier and now all metal. I can actually see myself using these. After hearing a few horror stories about the original ones I simply left them in the toolkit. I still have the originals and I will not be parting with them as the represent a little part of the Brompton story.

The new Brompton Toolkit, apart from the new tyre levers remains unchanged. I am not surprised by this as it was a wonderful piece of design in the first place. A few shops have already sold out of it but I did see quite a few of the new Toolkits available at Brompton Junction in Covent Garden when I was there at the end of a ride. I am sure that many a Bromptonian might well have this as a present from Santa perhaps?

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