Wednesday 4 December 2013

One good deed on a Brompton leads to another...

On my way home on Monday I saw in the distance a fellow cyclist by the roadside, with his bicycle in the classic upside down position that betrayed a puncture. I have to confess at being in two minds - stop or carry on? 

Despite it being a very hectic day at work and wanting to get home as quickly as I could I slowed down turned round and wheeled my Brompton to the owner of the upside down bicycle. It soon transpired that he has indeed suffered a puncture but he had no means of repairing it. 

Carrying all manner of tools and equipment in my C-bag I handed him a stick on patch and a CO2 pump. He was very grateful and made quick work, finding a small tear in his inner tube, patching it up and using the CO2 cartridge to pump the tyre up, with me using my iPhone torch function to illuminate proceedings. He thanked me several times and wanted to to pay for the patch and CO2. I refused, saying that it was good to help a fellow cyclist and perhaps he might do the same one day - assuming he carried the necessary equipment!

Feeling that I had done my good deed for week we said goodbye to each other, making our respective ways home. I thought nothing of it until my commute home tonight. I heard someone behind me shouting out my name and a cyclist ride parallel with me requesting I stop. I recognised the cyclist straight away. It was the chap from Monday. 

Pulling over we had a brief chat and he thanked me again. He pointed to a small wedge saddlebag and said he wouldn't forget that again for a while. He handed me a small envelope just before we parted company and said it was a small thank you. Unfoldding the back wheel and getting ready to depart I looked inside the envelope to find an iTunes card for £15. 

I must confess I wouldn't have stopped if I had been in my car and it was another card driver stopped with a flat tyre etc.., but stopping for a fellow cyclist seems different somehow. Whoever this roadie was I am glad I could help and I am very grateful for the card!


  1. Very nice of both of you. A heartwarming story.


  2. Yes, nice to hear someone giving a helping hand.

  3. We are all connected, Mr. O.
    Paying it Forward is a great thing.
    Good on ya!

    Paz :)


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