Monday 16 December 2013

Red Light Jumper

If you are a cyclist who commutes to and from work in London you see your fair bit of terrible driving, cycling and occasionally pedestrians who act something like headless chickens wandering aimlessly into oncoming traffic. This morning it was the turn of a cyclist.

Stopping at one of the many red lights on my commute I saw a roadie come up on my right, go in front of me, all the cars and quite blatantly proceeded to jump the red light. He mistimed this manoeuvre with the result a car had to slam on the brakes. The car driver sounded his horn, shouted out a few choice words and that was signal for things to get quite nasty.

The roadie gesticulated, swore back and positioned himself again in front of me. As he did so the roadie turned to me and said - and I still cannot quite believe it, "what an arsehole!" He was obviously trying to recruit me to offer some support or justification for him jumping a red light. I should point out that this particular red light was not at a dangerous junction.

My reply pointed out that he shouldn't have jumped the red light. Upon hearing that I wasn't going to offer any sanctuary he started to swear at me. With the lights turning green I pedalled off however my new found friend decided to cycle to work with me. For the next few hundred yards he continued to swear, told me that a Brompton wasn't a proper bicycle and that I should support a fellow cyclist. 

I managed to put up with this patiently for a little while longer but at the next red light told him in no uncertain terms the opinion I had build up of him during our brief - but still too long - encounter. Before I could let fly a few more comments I felt would have lasting damage, he was off again jumping a red light. I shook my head and cycled on when the lights turned to green. Those of you who have read my blog for some time will know that I regard swearing as the preserve of the common bounder. As such, I can say that no expletives fell from my lips. 

In case you are wondering I would estimate the age of this idiot somewhere in the 50 - 60 bracket. There really are some road users who shouldn't be allowed in charge of any form of personal transport. I suspect this roadie is also a car driver - of the worst kind. It is also this type of selfish cyclist that really does cast a shadow over those of us who try to do the right thing.


  1. Red light jumpers really really annoy me - every time there's any sort of debate about cycling safety the behaviour of these individuals gets brought up.


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