Thursday 12 December 2013

Some very sad news

This morning I read the news that Bert Cebular, owner of NYCeWheels died in a tragic accident at all too young age of 47. It certainly made me pause for thought as I cycled to work on my Brompton.

I had never met Bert, or even been to the USA let alone NYCeWheels. I recall a few years ago when I was contemplating buying a Brompton, somehow viewing their website and using their Brompton colour tool. I also recall watching countless YouTube videos of the exploits of the NYCeWheels staff. It seemed like the perfect shop. The sort of shop you just know would be brilliant.

I bought my Brompton and made the decision to write a Brompton themed blog. Back then in those early days I was overjoyed if I managed 10 views a day. My American cousins across the pond have always seemed to like my blog posts and one of the first people from the USA to actually say they enjoyed my efforts was Bert. I was delighted as it came from the owner of NYCeWheels no less!

Over the years I have shared many of my blog posts on the NYCeWheels FaceBook page and I was always pleased to received the odd comment from Bert and the other staff. My dream was to one day travel to New York visit the famous shop, say hello to Bert and the other staff and perhaps go on one of their Brompton tours made famous by YouTube. I will do it one day.

I believe there is a memorial ride this Saturday. Of course I cannot go but it would be great if Brompton owners in New York or within commuting distance could attend.

My thoughts go with his family, friends and work colleagues as it is always particularly sad when someone is taken before their time.


  1. Real enthusiasts are special and generous people, who go out of their way to share their joy and excitement with others.

  2. Steve Hess Rochester NY13 December 2013 at 15:15

    I live in NY State, had spoken to Bert a few times and exchanged emails when I was purchasing an E-Brompton this past summer. But I just learned of this tragic event on your blog. How very sad. NYCeWheels is an outstanding dealer and that clearly reflects the beliefs of its founder. A loss to all.


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