Tuesday 17 September 2013


Today on my commute home I ventured out into a total downpour. I had on my Altura over trousers and jacket - both of which came with me on the London to Southend ride which was far from dry!
As I stepped out to turn my front and rear lights on (to aid visibility) many of my work colleagues waited for the rain to die down before heading for their cars.

Many thought it mad that I would set off in such heavy rain. To me however, after some of the rain I have cycled in (and for hours at a time) it didn't seem so bad. My commute wasn't very long today as I took the most direct route - 5 miles. With the rain pouring memories of Friday night / Saturday morning flooded back. (No pun intended). Good memories.

By the time I got home, outwardly I was soaked but after such a short distance my waterproofs worked well and did their job of keeping me dry. The Ortlieb Airflex 11 backpack I decided to take with me today again proved to be excellent in keeping its contents 100% dry.

As for my work colleagues waiting for the rain to stop I have no idea how long they waited? As I cycled along the same road they would surely be driving down at some point, there was a huge line of traffic - as always seems to be the case in wet weather. Carefully I made my way through the traffic and  was thankful that I was not stuck in a car.

Cycling on ones Brompton affords a certain amount of freedom, liberation even from public transport and cars. Even when it is raining I prefer to cycle to or from work. Looking at the faces of the drivers stuck in traffic, like they possibly do every day one can only feel sorry for them. My face one the other hand is happier.

One thing is for certain the Brompton really is a go anywhere mode of transport, perhaps only limited by its user. I for one will be out cycling regardless of weather as even a commute to and from work can be an adventure!


  1. Managed to tease the foam grips off without damage and fit the Ergo's. Annoyingly i had to cut them down but made a neat job of it, there was'nt room on the M handlebars with the gear shiftes and breaks to fit the full lengh!

    Laurie -

    1. Yes I had to do the same on my M. (The good thing about the S bar was that I didn't have to cut anything). Still I am sure you'll find them a great improvement. I really like them and should have done it as soon as I bought the bikes!

  2. I was once told by a Scotsman (who obviously has good experience of this): "There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!" You seem to share the same philosophy, so well done in getting out on your Brompton, no matter what the weather. I also have Altura waterproofs, which work very well, and try to follow your fine example when I can. Regards, TBL


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