Saturday 14 September 2013

London Brompton Club Team Jersey.

The hardcore of London Brompton Club have deliberated long and hard over the possibility of an official London Brompton Club Team jersey. There have been several people involved and finally the dreams of many have become a reality as it is here!

The jersey is in neutral black and grey and has a wonderful design that apart from the famous Brompton folding bike, also has an image of the London skyline - the backdrop for so many of our club rides. 

It is made by specialist cycling clothing manufacturer, Owayo. By all accounts the order process and delivery was handled professionally. 

The design is quite simple and appears on the front in a smaller form and in a much larger version. Union Jacks on the sleeves add nice touches but best of all my one bares my moniker, 'Mr Orange.' The quality is very high and there are three rear pockets allowing easy and quick access to those essential item. A 3/4 length front zip sits flush into the fabric and I think it looks wonderful. The quality of the printing is good and will not rub off or fade as it is embedded into the fabric. 

There might be the possibility of getting a winter jacket with our club colours on it but for the meantime I cannot wait to wear tis in anger. As the summer is fast becoming a distant memory I may have to wear it as part of a few layers but it would be a small price to pay. 

There are lots of people responsible for this  jersey and I thank them again for the idea, design and ordering process. What do you think?


  1. This is very nice looking and I'm certain you'll enjoy proudly wearing it!

  2. A nice bespoke bit of kit, can i be rude and ask how much it cost?

    Laurie -

    1. £40 but you need to place an order of 10 or above.


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