Thursday 12 September 2013

Making my Orange Brompton even more Orange!!

Regular readers will already know that I recently converted my M type Titanium Orange Brompton to an S type Titanium Orange Brompton. On this front I have not looked back and LOVE this bike with its more sporty profile. With a spare orange M type stem lying around, there was of course only one thing to do...

The Original Orange Brompton made more Orange!

I took the black stem off, carefully removed the cables and put the orange stem on. I think it looks rather good and although this is the only change, it somehow feels a different bike with a new lease of life? This is all psychologically perhaps but to my eyes it looks stunning.

Love this colour combination

I was toying with this idea for some time (long before the Titanium one came on the scene) but couldn't really justify it. I now of course have a spare black M type stem. I am not really sure what to do with it? I suppose I could sell it but I'm not sure yet.

Of course another plus point is that it must be quite a unique Brompton in terms of its colour configuration. It was Orange with Black extremities and now it is even more bespoke to my orange taste.

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