Tuesday 24 September 2013

Car out of action...I'll have to use the Brompton!

This evening after a long day at work I was going to pop down to the local shops to buy a few essentials the Orange Household had run out of. I decided to be lazy and take my car. At least I tried to take the car.

First sign that my car was not going anywhere was the central locking not unlocking. Second was when I opened the car manually (possibly the first time ever) the inside light didn't go on. Finally turning the key in the ignition induced little reaction. I suspect the battery has gone? At least I hope that it all it is!

Still needing the essentials I took my Original Orange Brompton down from the Brompton Dock in my study and headed off to the local shops. I felt mildly inconvenienced but no more. A few years ago when I did not have a Brompton this might have been an incident of some magnitude. Luckily, owning a couple of Brompton bicycles means that I can at least get around - I commute to and from work on my Brompton anyway.

Added to this, if I have to take the car to the garage I can simply put one of my Brompton bikes in the boot, leave the car there and then cycle home. People have become all too reliant on the car and  personal transport in the form of a Brompton really can be very convenient.


  1. I agree how versatile the Brompton is. I commuted to my office today (one way 22 kms) on the Brompton and it took me the same time that I take when I commute by car, and I included two stops in between as well. Oh ! the joys of cycling.

  2. What a surprise it was to learn that it was slower only by a minute or two to get to the market on my Brompton, compared to driving -- and the bonus was that cycling also offered all kinds of other benefits too, including enjoying the trip!


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