Wednesday 18 September 2013

Brake pads!

I don't know about you but I seem to have been going through brake pad at a rate of knots of late! 

The rear pads are the worst offenders but thinking of some of the cycling I have been doing there might be a valid reason. I have been on lots of long 50 + mile rides, many at night where I have had to cycle down very steep hills. Not wanting to freewheel - especially as there has often been traffic on said roads - I have been forced to feather the brakes to keep things safe and controlled. 

Regular maintenance of ones Brompton ensures that these things are picked up early. I will be fitting a pair of pads to the rear of my Titanium Orange Brompton in anticipation for the Richmond to Oxford ride on Saturday. 

I am going to look into getting some pads by Swisstop as they come highly recommended. Evans Cycles also sell some pads that fit a Brompton and having had a pair that were pretty good too. In the meantime I'm sticking to the official Brompton pads that gave so far served me very well. 


  1. You are better off using SwissStop Greens... they last longer, work better, did not wear the rims out as much, better in the wet and do not generate that black dust/gunk...

    1. Many thanks. I think will be giving them a go in the near future.


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