Monday 30 April 2012

The Tweed Run on a Brompton

The Tweed Run is this Sunday. It is a bit of an unknown quantity for me but I am registered to attend and it looks like good fun.

I have a tweed jacket at the ready and a pair of plus fours, or is it plus eights? Anyway, whatever it is I have a suitably ridiculous outfit to wear.

It would be great if the weather was okay. I wouldn't be greedy and wold settle for anything but rain.

Hopefully there will be other Bromptonians out in force. I will of course be taking a camera with me so I hope to get lots of photos of another great cycling event.

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  1. I'll try and pop down and take some pics, I didn't enter though. I promised myself I would try & do as many cycling events as I could but I forgot to enter. Next time promise. Hopefully see you somewhere.


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