Saturday 28 April 2012

Helmet Hair - on a Brompton

When I cycle I always wear a helmet. I always have and always will, despite what I am about to share.

I have been back from the Big Ride for a few hours now. When I returned home I excitedly told my wife and children about all I saw, took my cycle gear off - including of course helmet - and had a cup of tea.

I have just come back from having a shower, before which I gazed into the bathroom mirror. It was the first time I saw my own likeness since this morning. To my horror I discovered that I had succumbed to the dreaded helmet hair. It was pretty bad. Somehow my 'Urban Cool' helmet, specifically purchased as it had the word 'urban' in the title had inflicted the worse case of helmet hair I have ever had!

My hair had somehow parted in the middle and I therefore had a centre parting, resembling the hairstyle of an Edwardian gentleman. In addition I had several groves all across my head travelling front to back.

In case you are wondering, yes I did go out in public looking like this without knowing it. No mention of this was made by wife and said children as they sniggered at Daddy.

I really do think that the helmet manufacturers should consider some sort of design to eradicate this phenomenon.

I welcome your comments regarding this matter.

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