Wednesday 11 April 2012

Slim cut trousers on a Brompton

Today I succumbed to the temptation of buying a pair of 'slim cut' trousers. I do stress the words, slim cut and not skinny.

Trying the trousers on wasn't as bad as I thought. I looked at myself in the ample mirrors and thought, not too bad. Not bad at all. I purchased them and made my way home.

Later in the early afternoon I put them on, got my Brompton and rode off for a short trip to the local shops. I started to feel as if there was a slight pins and needles feeling in my legs. This gradually increased.

The only thing I can liken this to is if like me you sometimes take a magazine, newspaper or absorbing book into the 'reading room' at home. I hope that you all know what room I am referring to?! Very occasionally reading material can become so absorbing that when you attempt to leave the 'reading room' one loses the power of walking as ones legs are riddled with a terrible pins and needles.

The feeling of pins and needles I describe above started to creep up my legs as I jauntily cycled. I started to worry about getting to my destination let alone getting back home. I had to resort to getting off my beloved Brompton to allow the feeling to return to my legs, before resuming my journey.

I do think that there should be some sort of Government health warning attached not the label of 'slim cut' garments for those of us ever so slightly over 40 years of age!

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  1. LOL...As you say, Government warning might be appropriate.

    Paz :)


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