Monday 2 April 2012

Brompton Monopoly with Small wheels Big Difference

Last Saturday I participated in a fantastic game of skill, intelligence, guile and cunning - Brompton Monopoly with 'Small wheels, Big difference.'

The 'Small wheels, Big difference' team were behind a wonderful idea. They are rasing money for three charities - Great Ormond Street Hospital, Hospice in the Weald and Help for Heros and will in the coming weeks make the epic journey from Lands End to John o'groats. This was another fun training run which they allow others to join in with.

We assembled at the Southbank Centre and quite soon every Brompton rider spotted could have been a potential player. I met the rest of my team and it was great to see people who had previously only existed in the virtual world but share a common interest - the Brompton folding bike. After chewing the fat with my fellow team mates, downing some liquid refreshment and considering tactics, we were off.
The rules were pretty simple. Land on each Monopoly square by taking a photo of a Brompton in each place. Use the Brompton of use public transport. The rest of my team were hardcore and did not bother using public transport. It was Brompton only all the way.

Cycling round London on such a lovely day only made the process more enjoyable. We managed to pool our knowledge and find our way around the Monopoly boards real locations. It was fun trying to photograph the team with their Brompton bikes near the street signs to prove that we had been there. There was even a special twitter task which involved going in to Hamleys and being photographed with a real Monopoly board!

At the halfway point we stopped at MADD on Rupert Street for some free smoothies which were great. Refreshment over we were back on the road for a fee more locations. By about 3:00 ish we called it a day met up at the rendezvous. A few prizes were given out which included the most points, best photo and special task. I was very pleased to win the best photo.

The best photo

The legendary bubmblebee

I really enjoyed myself and yet again my Brompton (the Orange one this time) has provided a day to remember. I can see myself doing this again with my family (probably not on bikes) as they would love it.

The Small wheels Big difference chaps were as always brilliant hosts and their idea of including anyone with a Brompton bike to join them on their training runs or even part or all of their epic trip is genius. Their desire to raise money for three very worthwhile charities can only be commended. If you want to join them for part of their epic journey but don't have a Brompton you now can. Brompton have loaned them three bikes that can be used for anyone wanting to participate. Should you want make a donation to help them on their way to achieving the target they have set please visit their website at:

You can even follow them on twitter - @sw_bd

Even a small donation would be very welcome I'm sure, so do check out their website. Who knows you might find yourself going them on their next ride?

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