Tuesday 24 April 2012

Nutrition on a Brompton

With the Brompton World Championships now in my thoughts (again) I got to wondering about nutrition.

I am entering all three events. I will be using the Marathon as a warm up for the BWC race and won't be going hell for leather. It is however 26.2 miles. I will then have the BWC race which I will be putting much more effort in to. After that the Sprint which I have little intention of breaking a sweat.

My current regime of sport science nutrition consists of having a Mars Bar and perhaps some natural orange juice. I am ashamed to admit that I actually thought it would be a good idea to have a bacon and egg McMuffin and a latte before last years BWC. I obviously need some advice from someone in the know. Does anyone out there know what would be the best things to eat/drink before the races start?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. we no long have the Mars Bar in the US. It is now called Snickers Almond.

  2. Do you have Clif Shot Roks in the UK? I use them on long cycle trips. High protein, good carb ratio, and they never melt.


    For my casual rides, I pop one every five miles -- keep them in a hard plastic flip-top container on the handlebars or in a pocket. (Could even put them loose in a pocket if you're not too particular.)

    They're tasty, but not too sweet. Healthy, even, and super-convenient.

    Get some good protein/carbs the night before, and a light, protein, breakfast the morning of, and you'll be fine.


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