Wednesday 11 April 2012

Lamy Safari Special Edition 2012

I have written before about my love of all things Lamy. They are a great company from Germany that produces the most interesting of pens. For me the Safari version of their pen is my all time favourite.

Every year Lamy introduce a new colour but only for a limited time. Last year it was Turquoise and previous 'special editions' have given us pink and orange. (I'm particularly fond of the orange version but alas you can't get it anymore).

The 2012 colour is the green as seen in the picture above. I love it and think that it has already become my favourite. (So much so I will probably want another one and maybe the bullpen version!)

At just under £15 it really is excellent value for money and the build quality and attention to detail for what must be a mass produced pen is second to none.

In the picture above I have put it next to my Pelikan M805 which is quite a large pen to show the Safari's size. The M805 costs over £270 more that my new Lamy Safari but I must confess to living the Safari pens better!

So, if you have a Brompton you can almost certainly colour coordinate it with a Lamy Safari. I got mine online but it you look hard enough you might be able to find this limited colour on the high street. Hurry though as they won't be around for long!


  1. I don't have the green, but I have the one that's gray (carbon color). It is a great pen and writes very nice. I did buy the converter for mine, so I don't have to shell out bucks for the cartridges.

    Great new color!

    I suppose there are more cool dimensions to a Bromptonite, eh?

    Paz :)

  2. I have a yellow one that you can check out here


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