Tuesday 24 April 2012

Brompton World Championships 2012

The morning started with me registering like an excited child for the Brompton World Championships 2012. When I got home from work I entered the Sprint event and just before writing this I entered the Marathon event.

I must be mad! I really don't know what's have let myself in for? A triple Bromptonfest.

This of course means training. A regulated diet. Much deliberation about what to wear.

If you have a Brompton and want to enter all or a combination of these events head over to the Brompton website and register soon as places are limited and appear to be going rapidly.


  1. awesome stuff but ALL 3? your bonkers :P

  2. I know. Call it a rush of blood to the head. By the Sprint event believe me I will probably have the slowest time recorded as I have little intention of sprinting too hard!


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