Monday 1 April 2024

Terry Thomas up Swain's Lane

My very first impressions of my Brompton Electric I likened to something Terry Thomas might have used to gain an unfair advantage over other two-wheeled road users. The other day, I really feel like that. 

I headed to the bottom of Swain's Lane and made my ascent. Seeing a couple of roadies a few years older than myself, I saw them pass by as I took the photo below. 

Putting the battery on its power 1 setting, I was soon catching them up and not far from their rear wheel. However, seeing the entrance to the west side of the cemetery, I could not resist another couple of photos. Putting the battery onto power setting 2 I headed off and found myself gliding up Swain's Lane. I passed the two roadies and had already taken a few photos - two of which are below - when they made good their ascent and passed by.

One of the gentleman asked in a slightly crestfallen voice, 'please tell me that's an electric?' I laughed but didn't get to reply as they turned right onto South Grove. I headed left and no longer felt guilty using the considerable power afforded by the Brompton Electric, embracing the Terry Thomas that exists in me, a fellow North London boy.

Until next time, take care out there people!

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