Friday 12 April 2024

Brompton World Championships general ticket release

For those who did not get the early bird tickets when they were released or those who were on the fence, general tickets are now on sale.

There was some initial questioning and confusion among some (I cannot really think why). There was mention of 50x laps of the 900 metre circuit, rather than 5x laps it was meant to be. How you could think the BWC consist of 10x heats each covering a distance of 45 miles I do not know? Perhaps it was the initial excitement of it all?!

There is a little more information about the actual circuit. It is part of the London Cycle Festival and below is an image of the circuit from their website. Looks good.

There will be copious amounts of cycling ac tion to be had but let's acknowledge the rather large mammal in the room. The BWC will be the star on the dressing room door. It is just such a spectacle. 

So, whether you are there to race, saunter about. spectate, show off your outfit or all of these, now is probably the time to get your ticket.

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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