Wednesday 3 April 2024

At Brilliant Bikes for the 100 mile check of my Brompton Electric

Earlier today, I travelled all the way to Brilliant Bikes in Sunningdale. I went there to have my Brompton Electric receive its initial 100 mile check.

Brilliant Bikes isn't exactly local to me in any way (it is rare for me to stray too far from north London) but it is one of the few bike shops I use, as their name pretty much sums up what I and many think of them. 

Dropping the bike off I retired for a cup of tea and a slice of cake at a suitable establishment while the various checks were carried out. I didn't really expect anything to be reported and as suspected my Brompton was given a clean bill of health and a firmware update. 

Apart from being a great physical bricks and mortar shop, their online store is probably the best there is for all things Brompton. (They do sell other non-Brompton stuff as well).  They also have a brilliant YouTube channel where you can see Hannah doing all sorts - how to videos, reviews, news and some crazy challenges. Definitely well worth a look if you haven't already seen it. 

They recently had an April Fool video in which they fitted a couple of pizza bags to the front and rear of a Brompton. It was a great video and wonderful to actually see it in the flesh. Strange thing is that lots of Brompton peeps out there would probably buy one of these - or both - if they ever became available! 

This now gives my Brompton Electric a clean bill of health for its next adventure on Sunday, namely the CobbleMonster. For the majority of this ride I will not use the motor at all. When the big hills arrive, I will. Should be good fun. 

Until next time, take care out there people!


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