Sunday 27 February 2022

Brompton, On Mother Kelly's Doorstep

It is coming up to the anniversary of the passing of my dad and and I thought I would pay a visit to the Cemetery at Kensal Green where the service for both my mum and dad was held. I do this every so often when I am in that neck of the woods as it not too far from NW8 and SW7 - my frequent haunts. 

I decided to pay a quick visit to the adjacent Catholic Cemetery next door, mainly to find the resting place of the great Mary Seacole. I did find the resting place of the great lady but I also stumbled upon that of the entertainer Daniel Carroll, better known as Danny La Rue. Almost immediately the song 'On Mother Kelly's Doorstep' started to play in my head and as I type this entry a day later, it is still playing happily away. 

Back in Kensal Rise Cemetery, the ground was certainly soft and as I wheeled my Orange Black Special Edition, I knew that I would have to give it a thorough cleaning later on. 

There a are few graves/monuments that I always pass on the loop from the entrance near Ladbroke Grove to Kensal Green that are Egyptian themed. 

Another has four sentries standing guard that are quite noble in their stance and countenance. 

The grave of the Brunel family is always a big draw for many and I do believe all occupants would have approved of the folding bicycled partially folded as I took this photo. 

After all of this I headed towards the Ladbroke Grove entrance/exit and headed off for the short journey back. It was a lovely afternoon and with a cobalt blue sky and the sun shining down, it again made me think that Spring has arrived. I hope the the weather is as pleasant for the many rides on their way in the next few weeks.

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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