Tuesday 15 February 2022

Views from an office!

Being on holiday, this morning I cycled from NW8 to the City, paying a visit to the workplace of an old friend. Apart from chewing the fat and trying to convince him to buy a Brompton (he has a couple of road bikes) the other bonus was the views afforded from his office. 

Central London is still a great deal quieter than I remember. This was pretty evident by the fact that the roads seemed pretty quiet. 

My Brompton was folded and brought through security with ease - as my friend could vouch for me -  despite the fact I quite possibly looked up to no good. 

How my friend gets anything done with those views I do not know. Being the kind of person who at the best of times is unable to sit still and easily distracted, one glance up and I would be...easily distracted. For a while we walked around taking in the views, landmarks, trying to spot where relatives lived and where some of our cycle routes were. I have been here many times but always find the views breathtaking. 

I really enjoyed myself and look lots of photos. I took them all with my iPhone 11 which does seem to be the only camera I take around with me nowadays. It is just so convenient. 

I didn't managed to convince my friend to get a Brompton yet, but will work on them the next time I pay them a visit. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people. 

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