Monday 14 February 2022

The sun will come out tomorrow!

It gets to this time of year when thoughts start to turn to the ride calendar ahead. As I type this, the sun is shining and despite it being chilly, with a few grey clouds there are patched of blue that hint of better weather to come. 

Two bikes in my Brompton stable that haven't been out and about this year are my Cloud Blue and my Orange Titanium. The Cloud Blue in particular is a bike that I associate with the summer and sauntering  around London.

My Orange Titanium also likes the summer months better but is the bike I usually employ for longer rides and nocturnal adventures. When I do the Ride100 in a few months time, it will be this bike that comes with me. 

My Orange Black Special Edition is my my everything else bike. I use it for pretty much whatever I fancy and has become my commuter bike. 

Why three Brompton bikes I hear you ask? Well, three does seem like a good number to me for the reasons stated above. I could and have quite happily lived with just the one Brompton - most people do - but with the sort of rides I go on, having more than one seems sensible. I mean if I only had one Brompton and it were out of action I might have to resort to big wheels and I wouldn't want that!

The night ride to the coast season starts in a little over four weeks and I am greatly looking forward to it. I would imagine that you will read about me heading off to Brighton (and perhaps elsewhere) in-between the official ones with Dr John.

Stay safe out there people!

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