Friday 18 February 2022

Setting sail on a Brompton in London

The weather warnings of storms hitting the UK and more specifically for me London were highly reported yesterday but this did not stop me from venturing out for a very short errand quite early this morning. I must be stupid!

Things were definitely on the windy side and my first thought was just how great my almost 25-year-old Barbour wax jacket was at keeping the chill from the wind off. It was not long after this I soon came to the conclusion that it was perhaps a better idea for me to head back inside and that said Barbour was acting like a sail!

At one point - with the wind howling behind me - I moved along at a decent speed without pedalling at all. Perhaps this is what a Brompton Electric is like? However, turning a corner and now facing the wind head on, I could barely turn the pedals. Once back inside after travelling less that 500 metres I decided that tomorrow - assuming the weather and weather warnings are not the same - would be better!

Hope that you were all okay today!? Until next time, stay safe out there people!!

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