Tuesday 1 March 2022

'Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.'

Now please don't worry dear reader, I haven't joined a poetry club or took a liking to that poem by Coleridge that seems to go on forever! As far as I am concerned, it is Coleridge the other sailors should have thrown overboard if this had of been recited to them! No, I am merely making a - probably very bad - link to the recent weather. Rain.

If you have read my blog you will have read before that I am not a fair weather cyclist. I was conditioned at an early age to embrace rain and not let it prevent me from doing...whatever it was I had planned. The exception is most of my three Brompton bikes!

I have ventured out on all of my Brompton bikes in the rain but the Orange Titanium and Cloud Blue I tend to keep indoors if it is raining or if there is the prospect of the wet stuff. My Orange Black Special Edition has become my go to bad weather bike. 

So far this week it has rained and then rained a little more. Hopefully, things will brighten up for the weekend.

I do wonder what sort of cyclist you are? Do you venture out in all weathers or is it only fair weather cycling only?

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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  1. I'm a get out and go cyclist, I always figure I'm essentially waterproof so rain isn't a worry.

    The only thing that keeps me off the Brompton is ice - last year I had a 'gentle spill' on an early morning ride so I think I'm better off not risking it if there is a chance of my front wheel leaving the straight and narrow (and me hitting the tarmac)


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