Sunday 28 March 2021

Early morning Orange Brompton London spin and a rude Brompton rider

This morning I decided to take my Titanium Orange Brompton out for a spin. The primary reason for doing so was to give my new tyres - Continental Contact Urban - another outing and to break them in a little more (assuming that is a thing). 

My route was 8 miles one way and 8 miles back. It was quite windy at times but relatively mild. London was still rather quiet and with some restrictions being lifted tomorrow, I wonder what London will be like then? 

The new tyres roll rather well and I do not detect anything to make me think that they are less grippy than my usual Marathon tyres. If anything there is probably more rubber in contact with the road surface, due to their tread pattern. 

As I got closer to some of the London tourist spots, there did seem to be more people out and about but still nowhere close to what it should be. In addition to this traffic was light just about everywhere. There were lots of cyclists out and about more than a few Brompton riders. One of these proved to be rather rude to say the least.

Just off Brook Street I saw Brompton rider with a new looking black M3L with an obvious front wheel puncture. I slowed down to ask if they were okay. The owner of the said bike was holding their Brompton toolkit and asked if I knew how to fix a puncture. Parking my Brompton I had a look at their tyre to see a small shard of green glass that was obviously the culprit. Going to my saddle bag I went to retrieve a spare inner tube, as it would be much easier and quicker to just swap the tubes out. I explained this to the gentleman and was met with, 'just put a patch on the tube' as he opened his Brompton toolkit to get one out.  As I was about bend down to the front wheel with my own Brompton toolkit, I was greeted with 'can you hurry up.' At this I asked the gentleman whether he had mobile phone. When he indicated he had, I suggested he look up how to repair a puncture on YouTube and that he could place his toolkit in a place where the sun does not shine. At that I got on my Brompton and left. Some people!

Back at Hamilton Terrace I am always amused by the private security guards that sit in little cars watching nervously as people go by. Or drive up and down in little cars nervously. Sometimes they walk up and down nervously. Despite the fact they have seen me more time than I can count riding one of my Orange Brompton bicycles, they will watch with great suspicion. It is almost as if it is the wild west and a new rider has come into town and the local deputies, eye them with suspicion!

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Not long before I can get outside on a bike again, and really need to balance my tyres, rather than kojak front and marathon back that I currently have. Been wanting to treat myself to these tyres for a while, especially since they were worn by winner of folding category at Urban Hill Climb.

    Good to see you did the right thing today, twice!

  2. Hello Mr Orange
    I’ve been following you for several years now. I have a Nickel edition M6L. Could you tell me what saddle bag you have as pictured in the current blog? I have an Ortlieb Mini O which is great but I could do with an additional bag.
    Love the blog.


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