Wednesday 3 March 2021

Brompton bikes still hard to come by

Even with light at the end of the tunnel as far as the dreaded 'C' word is concerned and a possible end in sight to lockdown, finding a Brompton to buy is quite a hard task. 

In the first lockdown - which is coming up to its 12 month anniversary - Brompton bikes flew off the shelves and they became hard to buy. At the same time the secondhand market experienced a boost and there were some particularly stupid prices being banded around. 

It seems as if things have yet to improve and Brompton cannot make enough of our folding wonders. Perhaps things will stabilise somewhat in the coming months? 

One thing I think will happen, is that a sizeable number of new Brompton owners will eventually sell on their lockdown purchase if and when normality returns. Let's just hope the same cannot be said for the huge increase in canine ownership that has also seen a dramatic increase!

Stay safe out there people!!



  1. Halfords at Guildford currently have 8 x B75's, which are a great cost effective way into a Brompton. A good base that you can upgrade over time.

  2. In addition to the 8 x B75's at Halfords Guildford, it appears many stores have 1 x B75 (probably the display bike) and Halfords Cardiff also seem to have 1 x M3L too.

    PS. I am not a Halfords employee or shareholder, just a person trying to be helpful.


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