Monday 1 March 2021

Brompton Quad Lock phone mount

Brompton have collaborated with 'Quad Lock' to bring out there own universal adapter so that you can have your phone mounted securely and safely, slap bang in the middle of your handlebars.

Positioned in the centre of the handlebars over the stem and held in place but a double bracket, it really is a clever little addition. 

Lots of people use their phones for navigation and there are all sorts of ways you can try and lash your phone to your Brompton but this is definitely the best I have seen. 

There are two versions. for £35 you can just buy the mount for the handlebars - as lots of people might already have the comparable case for the their phones. For £45 you can buy the pack that has the mount and universal adapter that you stick to your existing phone case. (As seen in the photo below).

It really is rather clever and even with the mount installed, there is still a little real estate on the handlebars for a few other items as long as they aren't too big.

I suspect these will quite literally fly off the shelves. 


  1. Problem is that Quadlock requires you to glue a mount to the back of your phone, if it is Android. That leaves you with an ugly, slightly bulky phone.

    1. Depending on the phone, Quadlock do some pretty good cases that incorporate the mount.

    2. i had been using Universal Mounts on my old Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Note8 for over a year on my Stem & Outfront mount. Until recently upgraded to Galaxy Note20 Ultra which Quad Lock has a case for this model. All this while, my usage of Note5 & Note8 with Universal mount gave me no issues with wireless charging and sliding into my tight pockets. They do look bulky after installed but they dont pose any difficulty at all with daily usage. *i even had them Universal Mounts installed oh hard-back phone casing rather than on back-of-my-phone


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