Sunday 28 February 2021

Titanium Orange Brompton to Brompton Cemetery and back.

Yesterday I woke up to a quite loverly morning. The sky was blue, a few clouds hung above, indicating that there wasn't much of a breeze and it seemed pretty mild (for this time of year and compared to not long ago when it was freezing cold). I therefore decided to head out. 

I didn't really have anywhere in mind but decided upon Brompton Cemetery and back again. This would be a fairly easy few miles and I knew that not too far away there was a wonderful cake/tea shop that would be open for takeaways, few know about and fewer still I would divulge its location to!

As I set off on my Titanium Orange Brompton I could not help but reflect on the sad news that David H - who lived in Japan - has passed away. I met him in person in 2014 when he came to London for a few weeks and had corresponded with him via social media in the years up to this point. I recall offering him the use of one of my Brompton bikes if he wished as he was to meet many of the old crowd at the start of one of our evening rides. He was a lovely, lovely man and I know that he will be missed by many who like me met him in person only once or not at all.

My route was functional at first, getting me from A to B. Stopping at Hammersmith Bridge I wheeled my bike with the bridge in the background and took some photos. Wanting more, as it was low ride, I hobbled out on to the foreshore with my Brompton over my shoulder and took the photo you can see below. The things I do for you dear reader!!

Brompton Cemetery was busy, which surprised me greatly. This cemetery is one of the Magnificent Seven that can be found around London. Opened in 1840 it is rather lovely but for me pails into insignificance when compared with my favourite at Kensal Green.

As I took the odd photograph and considered my route to that cake/tea shop I mentioned, I could not help but notice several people using the cemetery as the meet-up location for 1:1 training. One chap was skipping - like a boxer would - but didn't have a rope! He just moved his arms/hands as if he did. Astonishing! I tried my hardest to suppress a laugh but couldn't and it was only with great self-control that it wasn't accompanied by pointing in his general direction! With photo opportunities exhausted I headed back off towards SW7 and that cake/tea shop. 

This was a lovely ride and I clocked up a good amount of miles. The good weather did seem to bring out lots and lots of people and there were a fair few cyclists about. I only saw one other on a Brompton - cycling through Brompton Cemetery - and we nodded as be passed each other. 

Hopefully, there will be more rides to come in the not too distant and maybe, just maybe we might get a decent amount of rides in. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!!

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