Sunday 14 February 2021

Produced in England but not available direct if living in England?

I was out on my Brompton yesterday for a few miles. I didn't wear cycling specific clothing - apart from my SPD cycling shoes - and just took the Brompton as headed off. At the end 20 miles I could not help in concluding that my Brooks B17 Special Edition with titanium rails was a supremely comfortable saddle. My friend Dr John had sent a link to some new addition to the Brooks lineup - coloured rivets some of which were orange - but it was not the saddles or rivets that caught my eye.

On the Brooks website is an 'important notice.' It seems that due to the changes in Brexit, they have temporarily suspended all new orders direct from Brooks to the UK. New saddles are apparently shipped to a logistics centre and from there around the world. All rather strange.

So, if you want a new Brooks saddle and you are here in the UK you will need to buy it via another source. This isn't such a big deal as you can still buy various Brooks products but I found it all rather comical. 

I remember visiting the Brooks factory a few years ago and seeing saddles being made, rivets being hammered into place etc.., and have always been a fan. Perhaps a solution will be found in the near future?

Stay safe out there people. 


  1. wouldnt a titanium seat post accompany those saddle rails in a rather nice manner:) ?

    1. Been there already with a titanium seat post but it didn't really do it for me. I can see the appeal though. Hope you are well brother. Stay safe.

  2. The titanium saddle is almost impossible to get hold of at the moment, from Brooks or from any other supplier. You are lucky to have one.


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