Tuesday 23 February 2021

Cleaning my Orange Brompton bikes

Last Saturday afternoon I was waiting for a new router to do its things and download various updates before logging on to all things internet. While waiting, I decided to give both of my Orange Brompton bikes a good clean. 

There is something rather satisfying about getting your bikes nice and clean. The weather was quite lovely and such a change from the recent colder temperatures we have been experiencing of late. At this time of year - with the hint of better weather - thoughts would turn to cycling adventures and as I cleaned the bikes, this is what I did. 

We have now had the government inform us what to expect as far as the route out of lockdown and the dreaded C word. This means opening schools, opening shops, rule of six...the list goes on. I have to confess that as they were being listed I was thinking about when I could get out for a longer ride...perhaps to the coast? Terrible I know however I suppose we all need something to look forward to. 

Stay safe out there people!

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