Tuesday 2 February 2021

No Brompton World Championships this year 🥲

I have to say that it was fairly obvious to just about everyone out there that the Brompton Word Championships would not be taking place in 2021. Now we have confirmation from Brompton themselves. 

When I say that things weren't a surprise, the sponsor for the event was not renewing and as far as I am aware there is yet to be one. With London - the world I suppose - the way it is at the moment, even with the most optimistic of outlooks, a mass cycling event in the heart of London was always going to be a nonstarter. 

It does seem like an age since I last raced, 'officially' on one of my Brompton bicycle around the rather lovely London circuit and it looks set to be at least a year from July/August (perhaps more) before I get the prospect of doing so.

I have to confess that when lockdown ends, my first thoughts will be simply being able to cycle wherever I like. Soon after that it will be to go on a cycle ride with my London Brompton brethren and of course a night ride to the coast.

Many of the Brompton old guard - for want of a better description - have possibly moved on somewhat from the Brompton World Championships (mainly as none of us ever seemed to get a place while held in London) but it is still something that induces quite a bit of excitement. 

If allowed and if you are in the area, in the early hours you might find an Orange Brompton being ridden along the old circuit at speed!

Stay safe out there people!!

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