Saturday 27 March 2021

RideLondon to continue from 2022

It might be time to get your Brompton ready for next year, as the RideLondon cycling event that all started in 2013, looks set to continue for another 10 years from 2022.

I was not lucky enough to ever take part in the 100 mile event but was set to ride in the 2020 event. Of course the 'C' word took hold and cancelled pretty much everything in its path. Prior to that I had taken part in the short 46 mile version - once on big wheels and once on small wheels. 2020 would have seen me take small wheels again.

It looks as if the new event will not take place in its usual summer slot and over a weekend but in the Spring on a single day. The other big change will be the route, which will no longer see riders rolling over the Surrey hills. 

As it is a single day event and it would take several hours for participants to complete the route,  I wonder if the Brompton World Championships could be slotted in? I think that it is highly likely. Naturally, it would provide a very visible platform for Brompton and their bicycles but I and many of my fellow Bromptonians would suggest a different direction. 

The appeals of riding on a central London circuit is probably too good an opportunity to miss and I suspect lots of the organisation would at least be shared by others involved in the RideLondon event. However, the numbers are heavily restricted. via a ballot. Put on a Brompton World Championships somewhere in the UK and Brompton riders will appear in the hundreds. 

Stay safe out there people!!

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