Thursday 11 April 2019

Brompton Toolkit Still Brilliant

When the Brompton Toolkit originally came out, many of us Brompton types looked upon it with glee and bought one. I had one of the original ones with the tyres levers that many reported snapping when they attempted to take a tyre off. Brompton replaced them for the all steel ones we have today and not thinking I needed it anymore, I sold it. Zoom forward to this morning and I found myself in a cycle shop on Great Portland Street with an unused £25 gift voucher and within two minutes I was all but reunited with an old friend.

The Brompton toolkit is in many ways pure indulgence. It is sold for anything between £50 - £55 (and if you are silly enough even more) so it isn't cheap by any means.

The plus point is that its clever design means that it can be stowed away neatly in the top tube of the frame and thus always there whenever you need it. This cuts down on the need to scrabble around in your saddlebag for a spanner and tyre levers.

The tyre levers have a magnet so that they stick together neatly when in its little tube case. The levers are not just pretty to look at, they work. I have used them to take off a Marathon Plus tyre.

The levers also have the function of 8mm and 10mm spanners.

The toolkit contains the following:

  • Tyre levers with integral 8mm and 10mm spanners
  • 15mm spanner (for wheel removal) with integral ratchet driver
  • Pozi drive and flat head screwdriver bit
  • 2.5mm and 5mm Allen key / hex wrench bit
  • 2mm and 6mm Allen key / hex wrench bit
  • Puncture repair patches (glueless) 
  • Sandpaper
  • All held in a strong metal tube

I have a dynamo front wheel and the toolkit contains the necessary Allen key for me to use to take it on and off. This means that I could quite easily get away with not taking a dedicated tool that contains lots of different Allen keys.

Space in my saddle bag (usually a Carradice Zipped Roll bag) is sometimes at a premium. This is usually when I am carrying some wet weather gear and a few snacks. I have been trying to carry the bare minimum and the return of the Brompton Toolkit will certainly help that minimalist drive. Of course, if you have ready my blog you will know that when cycling through the night in the middle of nowhere, having good tools readily available is important. This for me is the killer feature of the Brompton Toolkit.

Perfect fit

Always ready

The end magnetised so it stays in place

So, do I think it is worth it? For me at least, yes. I like the idea of having many of the tools ready and waiting in the top tube without me having to give a great deal of thought as to where they are or whether I have taken them with me. The quality shines through - this is something you will probably buy once. It is quite expensive and you will have to weigh up whether you want what I suppose is a luxury item. I am very pleased to have the Brompton Toolkit back in my possession.


  1. the toolkit unfortunately also makes the brompton heavier. funny as it may be, a given weight in your backpack is a smaller inconvenience than the same grams on your bike;)

    the backpack btw is a good aerodynamic helper on any bike without drops. really makes a difference. should sit low on the back while biking.

  2. I like the Brompton toolkit too. The disadvantage, perhaps, is that the screw bits and allen key heads are rather fiddly and easy to lose in grass, or at night - especially if you are hassled and in a hurry to effect a repair. They are lovely though, and I believe they were designed for Brompton by Joseph Joseph.

  3. About this toolkit, I have hesitated several time to buy it, but have always given that idea because of the heavy price tag (something like 70 euros.
    Otherwise I find that it represents a great idea (essential tools always available, without carrying additional bag).

  4. I have just noticed that some of the individual parts of the toolkit e.g. the ratchet and tool bits can be purchased separately, on the event that something gets lost during roadside repairs.

    1. Yes, they have been available for a while now. I suppose it is good to be able to buy them should the need arise.


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