Thursday 28 July 2016

New ideas from Proviz

I have been a big fan of Proviz and their jackets over the years and own their Nightrider,  Reflect360 and Reflect360+ jackets. The Reflect jackets in particular are quite simply excellent for night riding and really do make you stand out and that bit more visible.

Below I have posted links to my reviews of these three jackets.

Reflect360+ Jacket Review

Reflect360 Jacket Review

Nightrider Jacket Review

Of course, always innovating Proviz have recently announced that they have a new jacket that they are launching via Kickstarter. The new jacket is called the Reflect360 CRS.

This jacket is very similar to the original Reflect but the difference being they will come in five colours - yellow, blue, green, black and red - but still have all the 100% reflection that the original one had.

There are still some options available for you to back this project by pledging a certain amount of money that can get you one of the jackets for half the regular retail price.

Estimates for delivery look to be sometime in November and this can be anywhere in the world. I have posted a link to where you can find more information about the new jacket and back the project if you wish.

Prove Kickstarter link

I have to say that I am very interested in the green version as it will go rather nicely with my new Condor road bike. You never know that might even release one in the future in orange?

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