Wednesday 23 April 2014

New grips for my Original Orange Brompton

I have to say that I was a very, very late convert to changing the original grips that come with ones Brompton. It was really only last year that I took the plunge and changed them. Until that time I had quite happily used the stock grips without any trouble. Many people hate them but I found them okay and didn't feel the need to upgrade. Once I did however, I wondered why I had not done it sooner.

For quite some time I have had a pair of Ergon GS1 grips on my Original Orange Brompton and they have served me pretty well. They are good grips but I have preferred the more rounded edges on the GP1 grips on my other Titanium Orange Brompton.

I have wanted a pair of the Biokork GP1's for some time but have not got round to buying them but I was recently able to get a pair at a great price.

The Biokork grips from Ergon weigh next to nothing and have a couple of tricks up their sleeve. The first is that the biokork has better vibration dampening than the rubber version. I cannot say that I noticed this on my commute but I will say they were supremely comfy and mores that the GS1's they replaced.

The other trick is that cork has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. I cannot say that this was the reason for me buying them but it's good to know.

I have seen these on one of David P's Brompton bicycles and always liked them. It is perhaps flippant to say I like the colour better than the black version as I feel it complements the Orange and Brooks saddle that bit more.

All in all I am rather pleased with them and in the little time that I have used them, for me they have been worth every penny.

At the moment I find I have a rather large soft spot for my Original Orange Brompton. There are a few more little enhancements I would like to make but it is the perfect commuting bicycle for me. I love my Titanium Orange Brompton, which is an S-type of course but my M-type really does feel like an old friend.


  1. Hi, this is a very timely post, as I am expecting my mail-ordered GP1 Biokork grips to arrive within the next few days.

    Did you have to cut them short in order to make them fit on the M-bars (as I have seen from other sources; so far I only seem to have seen them fit uncut on S-type models)?

    From the photos it seems you just moved the brakes/shifters inward to make them fit? Does that affect the ergonomic handling and/or the fold?

    Thank you for ├Żour always inspiring Brompton blog,
    // Sebastian

  2. Hello. I didn't really move the brakes over a great deal 5mm if that. The new levers allow them on without cutting. I have only used them on a couple of commutes so I'll report back.

  3. I have the other ones and i cut them rather than move the cables etc as i did not think they would be close enough to my fingers. I could do with fitting something that is slightly longer really altho i am pleased with the non-cork Ergon. Could you put a link to where you got them and what price pls?

    Laurie -

  4. I've read that the version of these that is meant for use with twist gears is shorter, do you think that they might be a better fit on Brompton M bars?

    Paul, Oxford

    1. If you have the new Brompton brake levers they take up less room than the older ones. I was able to put these grips on without cutting or resorting to the short version you mention. If you don't have the new levers, might be time to upgrade perhaps.


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