Friday 23 August 2013

The rain will not stop me!!

In a few hours I will be embarking on a London to Brighton overnight on my Titanium Orange Brompton. Although not the longest of rides at 61 miles it does have more than a few hills and hr dreaded Ditchling Beacon (which I can't wait to bet another go at)!! I have vowed that the rain will not stop me...

Weather wise we will be treated to very warm if not muggy overnight/early morning temperatures but it is predicted to rain. This rain has been forecast as anything from a sustained light shower, periodic bursts of heavy rain and even precipitation of near biblical proportions. 

I have therefore decided to take no chances as far as my feet are concerned and will use for the first time a pair of Endura road overshoes. 

It was my intention to use these for the coming winter and the many night rides I will almost certainly take part in but this ride seems as good as any. They basically a waterproof neoprene boot with a cut out in the sole for ones SPD's. It's a simple but effective design. They have e following features:

* Waterproof welded seamless construction

* Scotchlite reflective logo

* Smooth neoprene upper

* Rear zip with snap-down puller and Velcro heel tab

One bonus feature is that the lining is a rather good colour that for some reason I really like?

The rest of me might not be dry by tomorrow morning but hopefully my feet will be. (If you are anything like me I hate it when my feet get wet). 

So, quite possibly while you are sleeping tomorrow morning I should be attempting my ascent of the infamous Ditchling Beacon. Make sure you keep coming back to see how I (and my feet) get on. One thing is for certain, I suspect tis is going to be a ride to remember...


I have to report that after the ride my feet were wet but no where as much as if I had of worn nothing at all. This was 6 solid hours of rain so under normal conditions - perhaps a commute they'd be okay.

The biggest surprise was that at the end of the ride the stitching on the sole had started coming lose and there were a couple of holes starting to form. Not very impressed! I took them back to the shop for a full refund.

I have to say that I won't be buying another pair with this type of material and until I do my feet will just have to get soaked!


  1. Overshoes will still wick water in the hole for the pedal up and soak your shoe. They work ok for a couple of hours but the pedal action sucks water and you get wet feet, so set realistic expecations

    1. They did a pretty good job Nigel I will give them that but if you read the update there was a much bigger problem with these.

  2. Very curious to know how your overnight went, and how you like the overshoes. They look like serious gear, but perhaps a bit stifling in humid summer rain? (If so, undoubtedly you'll get plenty of use from them in winter, regardless.)

    1. They were perfectly fine in the humidity but the update to this blog tells you what I thought of them after use.

  3. Best and cheapest way: Put on the socks you want to use. Put your feet innside thin plastic bags (the type used for a loaf of bread or similar). Put your feet innside your shoes whit the bags on and off you go. If you start off in dry weather just bring a pair of bags. Stop and put them on if rain starts.


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