Sunday 2 October 2011

My new foot pump

I thought I would post a mini review of a new foot pump I recently bought.

I am somewhat ashamed to say that the first one I purchased was from Argos. The old adage that you pay for what you get is very true. On the very day of the Brompton World Championships this Argos foot pump snapped only serving to deflate my tyres. At the BWC I managed to borrow one and it was a Specialized one. I made a mental note to get one.

It cost £29.99 and is a metal construction and instantly feels of sound quality. The pump stands much taller than my previous one and this makes things much easier as their little bending down.

The nozzle has a metal clip and is very easy to get on and off the valve. It again feels of very high quality.

The gauge is big, accurate and easy to read. In addition there is an outer revolving bezel that allows you to mark your desired inflation. The footplate is metal and covered in an ultra grippy surface.

I am sure it will last me ages and I am glad I bought it and didn't get a replacement from elsewhere that would in no way be as good as this one.

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  1. Having a easy to read gauge is quite essential, especially when pumping up things that can blow up :)

    Peace :)


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