Sunday 9 October 2011

David Lindo at the London Wetlands Centre

I love my iPhone! I say that because today I was going to go to London Zoo with my family but saw a tweet that David Lindo, aka 'The Urban Birder' was giving a talk at the London Wetlands Centre to promote his book titled the same. We changed our our plans and headed to Barnes.

We haven't been to the Wetlands Centre for quite a while and besides, they do some rather tempting cakes.

Arriving in good time we sampled some of these cakes and I packed my wife and children off to the playground and a walk around the wonders of the Wetlands Centre.

I waited outside the theatre for the talk. (I thought this best as my children are very enthusiastic about nature and David Lindo being someone they have seen on TV and the Internet, would possibly been enough to induce them to rush what little stage there was)!

Initially I felt my jeans and Nike track top were out of place amount the greens and browns of many in the audience. Once the Urban Birder appeared in a similar getup I felt better.

The talk started promptly and the assembled audience was treated to some very interesting stories from David's past, told in an engaging way. I particularly enjoyed his retelling of an encounter with a bear in Finland. I also liked the photo and recount of his work on the top of Tower 42, which I was outside last week. I could have listened to much more but sadly after 50 or so minutes things were brought to an end.

I would have like to introduce myself but alas I received a text from my other half to come now, so knowing that this did indeed meant 'now' I had to go.

If you search my previous blog entries, I have written a review of David's book which you can look at. I would give it a go, especially if you live in the urban jungle and have children. It's a great little book and will inspire you to find nature in the most urban of places.

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