Sunday 2 October 2011

Brompton ride on hot October morning.

In the early hours of this morning, knowing that I was almost guaranteed good weather I headed off on my beloved Brompton.

My original plan was simple to cycle for a bit and see where the mood took me. I ended up in Central London.

The River. Sunrise was lovely with this view all to myself.

When I first headed off it was like one of those zombie films where you literally have London to yourself. When I got to St Paul's I saw possibly 50 eager and wide awake Japanese tourists following a guide with an umbrella toward the footbridge. What they were doing and where they were going so early I don't know? They did take quite an interest in my bike and proceeded to take photos of it as I headed off.

Now I know London pretty well but it did get to the point where I hadn't got a clue where I was? This situation was brought about due to lots of road closures and builders lorries blocking off the routes I was familiar with.

Thankfully I soon arrived at familiar territory and once I had found my bearings I headed off. As I did I spotted two Brompton's heading my way. One was a yellow S type and the other a black P type. I suspect it was a husband and wife team who like me, were out on a mini adventure in glorious weather.

I headed back towards The Strand and when passing The Savoy made a mental note to see if they do cream teas as it would make a great Christmas present for someone.

Once past Trafalgar Square I headed up The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. In doing this memories of the Brompton World Championship launch ride and factory visit flooded back.

I continued and ended up in Knightsbridge and eventually South Kensington.

Once the pictures were taken at the Albert Memorial I took the bike into Hyde Park and cycled round as far as Marble Arch and then home.

Had a very enjoyable time and was home by 10:30 and then off to London Zoo with my family. I read today on Twitter than one of the people I follow actually took an inflatable kayak on the Thames today. Now, I wonder if it would also take a Brompton? That really would be a mini adventure for the future...

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