Friday 19 August 2011

New black Brooks saddle for my Brompton

As you know I have a brown Brooks saddle but the colour has always bothered me. Yesterday I bought a black version of this saddle.

I have an orange Brompton with black extremities and I have always wished that I had bought a black version. Having now bought it for a fantastic price I have to say I am extremely pleased with it. It has the same great looks but is gleaming, shiny black with bright chrome rivets.

For me it goes much better with the overall colours on the bike. (I always think black and orange are a killer combination anyway). Added to this is the fact that it sets the bike apart from all the others I see with the brown Brooks.

With the Brompton World Championships on Sunday it might not be the best option as it hasn't been broken in. I must say however that having been on an extended ride this morning, I don't detect any difference in comfort that my older brown Brooks? Even as I type this a few hours after my ride I am suffering no ill effects, so it might just appear on the starting grid this Sunday.

For those of you with a Brompton and no Brooks saddle I would strongly suggest you check them out. They are brilliant and really enhance the overall look of your Brompton. They are also built to last and with care will serve you well.

Apart from getting my outfit ready I am now going to apply a coat of proofhide to my new saddle. If I don't post anything before Sunday, best of luck to those taking part and if you see an orange Brompton, do say hello. It just might be me.


  1. All my saddles are Brooks and I love them. My dad's bike from the late 40s or early 50s also has a Brooks (B33) saddle.

    While I may be partial to Brown Brooks, I have to say Black does look good on the Orange Brompton. I have two black Brooks; one on my 1974 Raleigh Twenty Folder and one on my Thorn Nomad MKII.

    Enjoy your new saddle and give'em good chase at the race! Good Luck!!

    Peace :)

  2. Yes they are great saddles. Now thinking of getting the Brooks handlebar grips? Will post lots of photos from BWC...once I have recovered!

  3. I have the flyer special - copper black and orange.......... and amazing comfort next time go for the springs - so worth a little extra weight


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