Friday 5 August 2011

Brompton Oratory Jacket

I try to look as stylish as I can on my Brompton. In a previous blog you may recall that I have even been wolf whistled by a roughness of builders (for want of a better collective noun). Surely that must have been because I was looking particularly debonaire that day?

To be honest riding in London and wanting those in charge of a motor vehicle to see me, I usually wear some sort of fluorescent number that at best might indicate I could be a surveyor or an architect on the way to view my new stone and steel masterpiece in the city.

Who am I kidding. I probably look like some sort of dock worker or someone who digs up large parts London replacing the pipes, standing there all maudlin with a stop/go lollypop sign. I exaggerate of course as there is no possible way, I, could be mistaken as someone employed in either profession. I labour the point as cycling clothing is hardly stylish.

That is until I saw the new Brompton Oratory Jacket. O to the M to the G! I really can picture myself in one of these, waving to onlookers as I glide by on the greatest bicycle ever made. Giving a knowing smile to other Brompton riders I pass and winking at myself in the windows of Selfridges as I catch my reflection travelling up Oxford Street. In short I want one!

With a RRP of £250 English Pounds it isn't cheap but it looks incredible! Waterproof cord material, pull down cuffs, button up to the neck collar (when needed), reflective bits, folds on the back that allow greater comfort when cycling and I even like the colour!

When this marvel hits the streets I am going to buy one. I have been going on about it so much that some non-cycling friends might even buy one too. So, in the meantime I am going to have to start saving and hope that I have enough when it is finally released.


  1. That'd be a nice looking jacket, I presume. I saw the video on Brompton's site, which was nicely done. It is a pricey one though.

    Peace :)

  2. Hello,

    Where can I find a picture of that famous Oratory Jacket ?
    Kind regards,
    Walter (Nimeus)

  3. Check out Brompton's website. It has quite a bit of info on it and pictures.


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