Thursday 4 August 2011

David Lindo's book 'The Urban Birder.'

David Lindo for those of you who don't know is 'The Urban Birder.' You may have seen him on BBC's, The One Show or read one of the many articles he writes.

I have lived in London all my life and remember being interested in birds/nature when I was little. Sadly, it was a pastime that for one reason fell by the wayside.

A few years ago I remember watching David Lindo enthusing about the joys of finding birds/wildlife in the middle of the urban landscape and how in any city you could always find something of interest. This coincided with out first child and David Lindo's enthusiasm for people to get out and explore their urban environment struck a chord. With an inquisitive toddler we decided to do just that.

His book is a brilliant read. It recalls how as a young child he acquired his interest in nature but especially birds, something that has become a lifelong passion. It also touches on how he overcame racism and simple minded prejudice in such a positive way.

It is filled with accounts of David's trips to different urban locations and even the countryside. Many of these account's will leave you with a smile on your face. I especially liked his reminiscing about his first trip to Scotland and a bright yellow jacket he wore. It is the story of one persons hobby with the message that you can go and do the same thing, so long as you look up and listen.

In this age of instant communication and hectic lifestyles there really is something in what David writes about. On your way to the train/tube station what birds/wildlife can you see? When at your local park feeding the the ducks with the children, what else is around? What wildlife can you find in your own back garden?

I cannot understand for the life of me why David Lindo hasn't yet secured his own television show? If I was a budding TV producer I'd have him visiting major cities in the UK. A second series would see him doing the same abroad.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can definitely recommend it. Like me and my family it might give you the inspiration to get out and look for birds/wildlife even if you live in the middle of the urban jungle.

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