Tuesday 16 August 2011

Brompton World Championships Outfit Buying

Those loyal readers of this humble blog will no doubt have read that I have fine tuned my Brompton. With great attention to detail I removed my Brooks saddle and aluminium extended seat pillar and replaced them with the original Brompton saddle and extended seat pillar, all so save weight. I hated it and then put back what I had in the first place!!

Later this morning I am going to search Oxford Street for a cheap but suitable jacket for the BWC and also some sort of hat. I feel that a cycle helmet on its own is a little dull so a hat precariously attached with cable ties might just work.

I am starting to get more than a little excited, nervous even. I watched lots of YouTube videos last night relating to the BWC and fell asleep dreaming about it. I am also slightly nervous as I have done no real training at all for it! I think that I might start to get some early nights. Maybe have porridge or muesli (organic) for breakfast. Might start drinking mineral water like those supermodels do. Might even take the Brompton out for a spin. Think like the search for a cheap jacket...might have left my training programme too late!

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