Saturday 13 August 2011

Brompton World Championship - Bike Tuning!

This time next week I like many of you will be getting myself geared up for the, Brompton World Championships. Today with a week to go I decided to give my Brompton the once over.

I swopped the original Brompton saddle for a rather perfectly formed leather Brooks a few months ago. I also replaced the steel extended seat pillar with the telescopic aluminium version. This of course comes at a price - weight. I therefore removed the new additions and put the original seat and extended seat pillar back on. I went for a test ride...and hated it!

The Brompton seat is very good don't get me wrong, but it does not compare to the loveliness of my Brooks saddle, which has all but moulded itself perfectly to the contours of my rear end. The telescopic seat pillar allows that extra reach to the extent I can barely touch the floor with my feet - perfect for full racing conditions. I took my Brompton out for the another test ride with exactly what I started with and loved it!

I must say that I am getting rather excited about the BWC. I have a mood of childlike excitement and you even get a medal for goodness sake which only serves to make me more excited!

There is one thing I am missing which I will have to sort out before this time next week. At the moment I do not have a jacket to wear. I do of course have plenty of suits and assorted blazers but none that I particularly want to get covered in manly sweat from the exertions of honest toil. So, yours truly will have to venture out and get some sort of inexpensive number that is quite possibly going to be hideous.

This will be my first BWC and I cannot wait. Anyone reading this who has been before might want to post a comment about what I can expect.


  1. BWC sounds so exciting! Wish you all the best!!

    Peace :)

    PS. How about a nice jacket from a Thrift Shop, if you aren't opposed to that sort of thing? Just a thought :)

  2. I might just do that as I am leaving things to the last minute.


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