Tuesday 31 March 2020

Trying to love the original Brompton pedals

When I first bought a Brompton many years ago I quite happily used the standard set of Brompton pedals. When I started to go on long and longer rides I swapped them out for SDP pedals and haven't looked back. Recent events have made me consider whether there is a place for the standard pedals going back on one of my bikes again?

I have two Brompton bikes - an Orange / Black Special Edition and an Orange Flame Lacquer. The former is pretty much set up for the many night rides I enjoy partaking in so much. The latter is equally at home doing this, but on this bike I have a front carrier block and a lower powered front dynamo light.

With the lockdown and the 'C' word my one form of exercise has been riding five miles a day on one of my Brompton bicycles. There is no real set time for this and I have found myself wanting to just hop on without the need to change my footwear for SDP shoes.

The Brompton pedals are, not to put it too finely, a bit rubbish for the sort of riding I put my bikes through. Until the lockdown is over and we get over the current situation however they might just be exactly what I am looking for.

So, I may well be fitting them to my Orange Flame Lacquer and see how it goes. These pedals are brand new and taken off as soon as I got my new Brompton home, so should hold up quite well to the light riding I'll be doing.

How are you getting your cycling fix at the moment? Please leave a comment or send me a message to let me know.

Stay safe people!!

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  1. Still using SPD's so much easier on my Knees as you push and pull.


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