Friday 6 March 2020

No Orange Brompton Tweed Run for me in 2020

The Tweed Run is an annual cycling event held in London (takes parts in other places too) where participants dress in their finest tweed garments and saunter around London at a very sedate pace. It is a wonderful event! Today at 12:00 p.m. tickets went on sale but I won't be going this year.

As I type this - approaching 19:00 - tickets are still available. This is rather strange as in previous years they have sold out within a few hours. Perhaps it has something to do with the C word?

I decided late last year that I wouldn't be going this year. I have been on several of them over the years and enjoyed them greatly however, I have an Evans RideIt Sportive on the same day that I have not taken part in for a few years and just preferred it this year.

If you haven't experienced the Tweed Run and live in London or can get to it on the 2nd May I doubt if you'd be disappointed. Get a ticket while they are still available!

Hopefully I will be starting a ride it Windsor that is longer and at a quicker pace, providing that all important training element for bigger ride later in the year - assuming they go ahead!

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