Sunday 15 March 2020

The 'C' word - London on an Orange Brompton

Early this morning I took my Flame Lacquer out for a very quick few miles in and around SW7. I have to say things were very different to normal. The coronavirus has taken hold of just about everywhere on planet Earth and wherever you are from dear reader, it is possibly in your thoughts. 

I was out and about quite early but normally I am joined in and around Hyde Park by joggers, dog walkers, fellow cyclists, pedestrians, tourists and everyone in-between. Today was eerily quiet - as if it were Christmas morning. As I cycled in Hyde Park I could not help but wish the proposed plans for it to be turned into a mobile morgue it never needed!

As you may know, by reading my previous blog posts over the years, I do not really like public transport, which is one of the reasons I love the Brompton so much. In some countries public transport has been banned or heavily restricted for the foreseeable and I would imagine that getting around by bicycle might increase. Brompton would certainly be my preferred mode of transport.

There is a tendency for us Brits to be rather blasé in the face of something like this. The notion of the stiff upper lip and the Noel Coward song 'Mad dongs and Englishmen' is still there. Events are chain on a daily basis and future plans for organised cycling adventures and events may/may not happen. 

Yesterday I gave my Zombie-Apocalypse friendly 'Surly Disc Trucker' a good clean in case I need it however cycling on one of my Brompton bicycles will certainly continue!

Wherever you are, stay safe!

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